21st Amendment Distillery

Veteran Wall of Honor

Robert Howard Paugh

Veteran Nickname if Any: Bob
DOB: Feb 06, 1945
Hometown: Steubenville, OH
Branch of Service: Monroe, CT
Veteran Job / MOS in the Military: Navy – USS Forrestal

Veteran Combat Theatres: 

Veteran Medals: National Defense / Vietnam Service Medal
Veteran after Service Employment / Job: Insurance / Real Estate
Veteran Hobbies: Cooking / BBQ
Favorite Food or Cocktail: Pulled Pork
Pets & Names if Any: Dog – Killer
List a Fun Fact About Your Veteran: Bob hosted a giant picnic every year on the 3rd Saturday in April, which was the opening day of fishing season in CT. It was known as the “RAMP Festival” because he always cooked a wild Scallion / Onion that would make you reek for days.

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