21st Amendment Distillery

Veteran Wall of Honor

Martin J Zickert

Veteran Nickname if Any: Marty

DOB: 02/13/1941

Hometown: Greenwood, Wisconsin

Branch of Service: Air Force

Veteran Job / MOS in the Military: Navigator of C-135 and F-4, moved in to Base
Commander position and other leadership roles

Veteran Combat Theatres: Vietnam

Veteran Medals: 

Veteran after Service Employment / Job: Insurance/Investments and Volunteer positions
in Vero Beach

Veteran Hobbies: Golf and woodworking

Favorite Food or Cocktail: Fried Chicken and a good Gin

Pets & Names if Any:  

List a Fun Fact About Your Veteran: Had it not been for a shoulder injury while playing minor league for the Braves, Marty would have had a long career in baseball. He was always able to pivot and moved on to the Air Force where he excelled at any position thrown at him.

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