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Veteran Wall of Honor

Glenn Walker Legwen Jr.

Veteran Nickname: 

DOB: March 25th, 1905
Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

Branch of Service: Navy

Veteran Job / MOS in the Military: Captain/Commanding Officer
Veteran Combat Theater: World War II
Veteran Medals: Bronze Star, American Campaign Medal, World War 2 Victory Medal, China Service Medal
Veteran after Service Employment / Job: Stock Broker
Veteran Hobbies:
Favorite Food or Cocktail:
Veteran Pets:
Fun Fact: He volunteered to be in command of a secret mission called “Project LQ” which was the Q-ship program used to help combat Germany’s U-Boat attacks along the American coast in World War II on Allied vessels. During this period, it was likely that his entire crew could be killed within weeks of going out as the goal was to disguise merchant ships outfitted with guns and depth charges to lure in the German submarines and sink them once within range. Both the USS Asterion (LCDR Legwen’s ship) and the USS Atik (LCDR Harry Hick’s ship) were commissioned during this period, but the USS Atik was sunk by U-123 within 4 days of getting underway with all hands onboard lost, but the USS Asterion managed to stay undetected and survived with all crew members during the war.

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