21st Amendment Distillery

Veteran Wall of Honor

Clare O. Carpenter

Veteran Nickname if Any: When growing up, his mom called him “Junie Boy” (his dad’s name was also Claire, with an “i”, Later in life, some called him “CO”

DOB: 04/29/1918

Hometown: Lansing, Michigan

Branch of Service: Army Air Corps

Veteran Job / MOS in the Military: Radar Mechanic RCM

Veteran Medals: Overseas Service Bar, EAME Service Medal w/3 Bronze Battle Stars, Good Conduct Medal

Veteran after Service Employment / Job: Self-employed masonry contractor specializing in residential construction.

Veteran Hobbies: Golf, Golf and more Golf. He also enjoyed a good game of Gin Rummy and monthly poker night with the guys!

Favorite Food or Cocktail: Clare enjoyed a medium rare steak and an Old Fashioned or Manhattan when out on the town with his beautiful wife, Muriel.

Pets & Names if Any: A mixed breed stray named Pooch later followed by a daschund named Wilhelm of Angel Acres, better known as Willie.

List a Fun Fact About Your Veteran: When Clare was a teenager, he hopped a train in Lansing, Michigan and rode it all the way to Chicago to go to the World’s Fair. He brought his mother back a gift as a way to ask for forgiveness. He boxed in the service and was the Light Heavyweight Champion while stationed at Boca Raton Army Airfield. His trainer wrote “To The Light Heavyweight Champ” A very capable pupil and a very capable boxer” on the back of a photo of him in a boxing stance outfitted in his boxing shorts and gloves. 

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